September 15, 2009

Panda Express Builds Brand with Hakatai Mosaic Mural

Hakatai recently began supplying custom glass mosaic murals to Panda Express, the fastest growing Chinese restaurant chain in North America. Hakatai’s first brand-building mural, at the restaurant’s original location in Rosemead, California, is an impressive 490 square feet in size. The mural covers the entire top half of two entrance walls, connecting at the front exterior corner to create a welcoming panda image.

While exhibiting at a hospitality design show in 2008, Hakatai met top brand developers from the Panda Restaurant Group and a plan was developed for a series of glass mosaic murals at several Panda Express locations. Utilizing Hakatai’s innovative custom mosaic mural program, the designers at Panda Express are able to submit a drawing to Hakatai’s in-house design team, who fine tune the mural design before passing it along to their skilled team of mosaic artists. At the Rosemead location, the colors A20 China, C39 Night Black and D41 Lava, from Hakatai’s top-selling Classic series, were used to create the stunning black and white panda, accented by a deep red background. The mural stands nearly 14 feet from top to bottom on both walls. The mural measures 16 wide on the left side and 18 feet wide on the right. The mural was delivered to the restaurant site mounted on numbered mesh-backed sheets and ready to install. The mural was installed over a cement masonry unit.

Panda Restaurant Group is a leading Asian foodservice provider, and one of the largest family-owned businesses in North America. The well-known brand includes Panda Express, five Panda Inn locations serving gourmet Mandarin and Szechuan cuisine in a more upscale environment, and 28 quick service, Japanese-style Hibachi-San locations. The panda mural from Hakatai has proven to be highly successful for the chain, and several more custom murals in varying sizes are in progress for other Panda Express locations, including the Fox Hills Mall in Southern California, the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Orlando International Airport in Florida.

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